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On Thursday 12th December 2019 my new single The Power of Kindness was released.

It’s been a long time coming but finally, after my sabbatical break I’ve now got some new material out. The first song is called The Power of Kindness and is all about superheroes. 

Sometimes I wish I had a few superpowers that I could use myself. The truth is that I can’t fly round the world like Superman; climb buildings like Spiderman or stretch like Elastigirl – I haven’t even got a cape! But what I do have and what we all have is an amazing superpower that has the ability to change the lives of our communities, families and friends – even the world. We have …

… the Power of Kindness!

With one good thing or one kind word we can spread God’s love around and help God save this world – one small step at a time.

The song is available to purchase right here and now – just visit the Download Store below on this page where you can also check out some of my other songs. It is also available through the usual online places e.g. Apple Music, GooglePlay, Amazon etc. It costs less than £1. (NB. In the Download Store the button says ‘Buy Album’ but it’s only actually one song!)

All proceeds I receive from the sale of The Power of Kindness will go to support the work of a local Christian-based homeless charity called BCARS (Bournemouth Christians Alongside Rough Sleepers)By purchasing the song you will be taking your own small step and helping to share God’s love with some of the most vulnerable people in our community of Bournemouth this Christmastime. THANK YOU!

I’ve been writing, recording and performing my own songs for several years now and currently have two albums available.

The songs are aimed squarely at children and young people but work well in an all-age setting too. Most of them were written for use primarily in the many school assemblies that I lead every week.

Each CD is a collection of 8 of my own songs, with full lyrics and the corresponding 8 backing tracks too. This means that schools, churches, Brownie packs, youth clubs etc. can sing these songs for themselves using the exact same accompaniment as I use myself.

Musically most of the songs are guitar-driven, rock/pop-based tunes. They have been tried and tested in schools, churches and children’s clubs and when I lead them they all have lots of accompanying actions! They are all quite short and very easy to pick up with a clear Christian-based message, contemporary language and catchy tunes (even if I do say so myself!).

If you’d like to own my music on a physical CD then you can purchase albums securely right here via the PayPal system – you don’t even need a PayPal account. Just click the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the instructions. I’ll then pop a CD in the post to you.

If you live in the Dorset area then please feel free to contact me directly and save on the postage but digital download is probably  the most convenient option these days (see below).

You can listen to clips of all my songs, purchase and then download them right here in my Download Store. Alternatively all the songs and backing tracks from my albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and Google Play.

My Best Mate (2007)

Price £5.00 + £2.00
postage & packing

TOTAL = £7.00

Crisps & Monsters (2011)

Price £5.00 + £2.00
postage & packing

TOTAL = £7.00

The Christingle Song (2014)

Price FREE

Christingle Song Resources


When it comes to The Christingle Song, hopefully you’ll be able to use the Download Store below to get the tracks from CDBaby (my music Distributer). However, if you are having trouble downloading the audio tracks from there then you can also get them directly from here.

Just click on the blue buttons and follow the download links on the next page.


After several requests for sheet music for The Christingle Song I have now produced a lead sheet with the melody, chords and words which I am also making available as a free download here. Just click on the button below to download a PDF which you can print and play.


I’ve created an auto-running PowerPoint presentation of the song for use in your Christingle service plus also a PowerPoint with the vocal version too (if you need some help teaching it!).

You can download these here. The audio is embedded in the presentation so you might need a recent version of the software to play it properly. It also might need tweaking so the slides change at precisely the right time (every computer is different!).

Just click on the red buttons below to download.


If you want a feel for how the words fit to the music then you can check out a video version here:

If you do use the song this Christmas please let me know how you got on 🙂

Also if you do enjoy the song then please have a listen to my other material below.


The Download Store

Here you can preview, purchase and download my songs.

Unfortunately my record label have discontinued their music player app but you can still check out all my stuff for free at the Apple Music page here: