Stories of Hope

OLD stories can speak HOPE in a NEW kind of world.

Join Nick The Vic + Sooty, Sweep & friends for some faith-filled fun for all the family!

When the Covid 19 lockdown was announced Suzannah and I wondered what we might be able to do to help. We decided that as followers of Jesus we want to offer people some comfort, inspiration, education, entertainment and above all HOPE. For us that can only really mean one thing … THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!

We produced a pilot video for Palm Sunday with Sooty and Sweep and friends ‘helping’ Nick tell the story of Palm Sunday (based on Matthew 21).  To date it has had over 800 views which has completely blown us away. On top of that there has been a massive outpouring of appreciation via email and social media. People really seemed to like it!

So we recorded another which was released on Easter Day – telling the account of Jesus’ resurrection from Luke’s Gospel. It too was very popular.

So we decided to produce a video every week – each one lasting about 15 minutes – for the duration of the lockdown. You can watch see each episode on this page.

After completing a continuous series of 10  STORIES OF HOPE – each one a New Testament Bible story – we took 3 weeks off. 

We then came back with (a shorter) Series 2 of STORIES OF HOPE which features some famous stories from the Old Testament part of the Bible.

Since then we’ve also done two Christmas specials and one for Lent.

After 11 months and 17 episodes we’ve now called time and finished recording Stories of Hope. It has been great fun for us producing them and I know that many people have appreciated our efforts. Our hope is that one day, in the not-too-distant future we might be able to take Stories of Hope on the road – out to churches filled with people once again for a live Stories of Hope experience! 

The videos will remain here for the foreseeable future so please watch them again and recommend them to your families, friends, churches, schools etc. They are a free resource: please use them!

Just click on the videos RIGHT HERE BELOW or alternatively directly on my YouTube Channel (

Please get in touch and let us know if you and/or your family/church/organisation are watching and enjoying the Stories of Hope videos.


Stay safe and God Bless you.


If you are interested in how and why we decided to produce the Stories of Hope videos then you might like to have a listen to something else too. I was interviewed (via Zoom) by Michael Ivatt of the Methodist Church Media Team. He wanted to know all about how we got into working with Sooty & Sweep etc. The interview (which lasts less than 10 minutes) was featured in the Thursday 23rd April 2020 edition of the Methodist Podcast. You can hear it by clicking on the link below.

The whole thing is worth a listen but my bit starts at 22 mins 30 secs. Enjoy 🙂


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