STORIES OF HOPE – Back for a second series!

STORIES OF HOPE – Back for a second series!

 After a continuous run of 10 weekly episodes, we finished up Series 1 of STORIES OF HOPE and took three weeks off.  The videos have proved popular and we are humbled by the way in which they have been appreciated and shared by all kinds of different people – in all kinds of different places.

But for all those that have missed us … WE ARE BACK! Filming for Series 2 will begin this week and this time we are going back into the Old Testament section of the Bible. We want to highlight the fact that OLD stories can speak HOPE in a NEW kind of world.

The new video (STORIES OF HOPE – No. 11) will be available to view in the usual place from 8 am on Sunday 5th July. You can also catch up with all the previous episodes.

Enjoy 🙂 

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